"Believe in yourself. Build a religion around yourself. Canonize your quotidian tasks. Build idols of yourself in your best outfits." (nv)

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My wife has disappeared. Do you have any idea, at all, of what might have happened to her?

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antidote for anxiety: a collection of sad songs that are somehow comforting.

1. be calm - fun. | 2. that’s okay - the hush sound | 3. little talks - of monsters and men | 4. everything is alright - motion city soundtrack | 5. round here - counting crows | 6. therapy - all time low | 7. hear me - imagine dragons | 8. one step at a time (acoustic) - four year strong | 9. there, there katie - jack’s mannequin | 10. lua - bright eyes | 11. asleep - the smiths | 12. the gambler - fun. | 13. what sarah said - death cab for cutie | 14. what a catch, donnie - fall out boy | 15. twin size mattress - the front bottoms | 16. sad songs - the maine | 17. the boy who blocked his own shot - brand new


A dragon slayer - is that what you think of me?

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"Some little girls grow up wanting ponies. I always wanted to be a widow."

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And what exactly do you think fairy tales are? They are a reminder that our lives will get better if we just hold onto hope.

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Detailing at Vera Wang NYFW SS15’ | via Style.

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FAVORITE MOVIES » The Chronicles of Narnia (2005/2008/2010)
↳”I’m on Aslan’s side even if there is no Aslan. I want to live like a Narnian even if there is no Narnia.

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A strange thing happens to me that I’m sure happens to a lot of actors when the camera starts rolling. I’m not ‘me’ any more.

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